International Aviation Training Program


Global TESOL College has been in business in the field of International Education for twenty-one years. We provide international students with full A-Z services and training for several internationally recognized Aviation Programs in Canada.

Our PPL (Private Pilot License), CPL (Commercial Pilot License) and Aviation Technician Training Programs are in compliance with the ICAO, JARS, EASA, and Transport Canada regulations for pilots and technicians.

We provide English Language Training courses in General English, Aviation Technical English and Aviation English Exam Preparation. We also provide training assistance with students requiring additional assistance with the Aviation ground school course work.

Global TESOL College manages and supervises the entire Aviation project.The partner academies (Mohawk College, located in Hamilton, Ontario, Synergy Flight Training Inc., located near Edmonton, Alberta and Centennial Flight School located near Edmonton, Alberta) that we are working in conjunction with will be working under the direction of Global TESOL College. Global TESOL will be responsible for taking care of all aspects of the students’ daily logistical requirements while in Canada.


Project Overview:

·       Complete Project Management from Start to Finish
·       All Ground Logistics - Accommodation, Training, Full Care of Students Needs
·       ESL English language Training to Level 4 (Upper Intermediate for Aviation)
·       Vertical (Helicopter) Commercial Pilot License Training (CPL as per ICAO)
·       Fixed-Wing (Airplane) Commercial Pilot License Training (CPL as per ICAO)
·       Vertical (Helicopter) Aviation Technician Maintenance Training
·       (Diploma in AME-M as per ICAO/CCAA)
·       Fixed-Wing (Airplane) Aviation Technician Maintenance Training (Diploma in AME-M as per ICAO/CCA)

We are committed to providing world-class service and internationally recognized training programs with the highest quality level of education in the fields of English language training and Aviation training Programs.

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